FAQ Series--Will I get Addicted to Chiropractic?

I love this question.  I hear it a lot and it usually comes from people who are interested in getting care but have this nagging fear that they will be roped in forever.  So here’s the short answer: no.  But I still feel like you might have a lot of “buts” about this answer because you have a friend or an uncle who goes to the chiropractor every week.  So here’s the secret: when a chiropractor realigns your spine and brings back the normal God given flexibility and restores full function to that great big organ called your nervous system, it feels amazing.  It’s like being a kid again, with all systems go.  So the reason people keep going is because they become very in-tune with their bodies and now they have the awareness of what it feels like when they get a subluxation (that’s the chiropractic word for a stuck joint).  And they don’t like having subluxations. And they don’t like having symptoms.

How do you get subluxations?  You get them from your daily life!  The grand majority of people just tolerate them or mask them with medications.  Others go see doctor after doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with their health, when the answer is simple: the nervous system is not functioning normally.

But before I get ahead of myself, lemmie ‘splain something.  It’s your body and it’s your one life. There’s basically three kinds of chiropractic care.  1. Get me out of pain!! 2. Corrective Care 3. Wellness care.  So basically the folks who seem “addicted” have simply chosen wellness care.  I personally have all three categories of people in my office and there isn’t a wrong choice.

Another way to look at it is like this.  If you wanted to lose 100 pounds, you would have to exercise a lot and change your diet so that it allowed your body to change.  After you lost that weight, would you immediately stop going to the gym and return to your old eating habits?  Or would you keep exercising and eating healthy and your friends would say, “Johnny is totally addicted to exercise and healthy eating…” Or would your friends simply think that you are healthy and taking care of yourself?

Still not convinced?  Here’s the last reason why it’s not addictive.  It is 100% organic and chemical free.  Chiropractors are not injecting you with anything and they’re not giving you a drug.  The only thing chiropractors have to work with is their hands, and the only thing they are working on is your body, as it is, right now, on this day.

So that’s the crux of chiropractic—it’s you taking care of your spine which is literally at the core of your being.  People who get regular spinal care live longer, feel happier and healthier, and stay more active in their senior years.  But people are different, bodies are different.  Wants and needs are different. Come as you are and we’ll meet you where you’re at.   You will receive healing, enlightenment, and a feeling of greater freedom within your skin.  Stay for a month, or a year, or until one of us goes off to meet our maker.

I’m a chiropractor so I’m sure you think I’m biased but honestly, I’m just another person who has chosen wellness care for myself.  I personally would rather be labeled as a chiropractic addict than be hunched over, stuck in a wheelchair, taking 16 medications 4 times a day (like so many of our elderly today).  Nobody is going to take care of your health except for YOU, so you get to choose your path and then live the results.

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