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No matter where you are in your health journey, you are welcome here.  We promise to meet you where you are at, and walk you out of the storm.  You will find answers in a sea of confusing information so that you can make informed choices.  Our commitment to your health is a practice with the most cutting edge chiropractic techniques,  nutritional and supplementation counseling, and advice on detox and ergonomic corrections for home and work.  If you allow your body to heal from the inside out, then you will find that most health problems do not require drugs or surgery.  Come visit OBC today to find out how chiropractic can change your life.


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I highly recommend Dr. Meltvedt if you are looking for wonderful, progressive chiropractic care. I have been treated by Dr. Meltvedt the last year and a half to help with life-long chronic migraines and other imbalances. I noticed an immediate positive response in my body from her attentive and knowledgeable techniques. Even with 27 years of experiencing chiropractic care, I could feel my body shifting in ways it never had. She has been an incredible doctor not only for me but also for my two daughters who are now 7 and 2.5 years old. My youngest has been so comfortable with her from infancy to toddlerhood. Each of the adjustments she receives from Dr. Meltvedt have her smiling from ear to ear and even ending with giggles through the lifted thoracic adjustment. I wish everyone the blessing and opportunity of having Dr. Courtney Meltvedt’s chiropractic treatments.
Dr. Meltvedt is a fantastic adjuster! Her hands are magical! I went to see her for help with my spinal alignment and overall wellness when she was still just an intern at Life Chiropractic College West. Not only is she a great adjuster, she is also very caring, professional, and knowledgeable. She took the time to listen to all of my complaints and provide suggestions and assistance for each of them. Thank you Dr. Meltvedt!
I would recommend Dr. Courtney to anyone. And I am picky about who I refer to. I am a chiropractor myself and I trusted my care to Dr. Courtney for a long time (until alas, she moved away!). Dr. Courtney is gifted with a steadiness that you can depend on. Just her presence is medicine. And she is also an amazing adjuster. She has been a teacher for her peers ever since she entered the field. She knows her stuff and delivers her treatments with confidence, attentiveness, and sweetness.


did you know?...

When you were created, and the cells started to divide, the first system to form was your Nervous System. The Nervous System then grew everything else.  It is responsible for the growth, healing, repair, and function of every single cell in your body throughout your entire life.  If there is pressure on that system, is that good or bad?... Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to locate that pressure and release it so that your body can heal itself from the inside out, the way it was designed, and you can function at 100% throughout your entire life.

About Us

Welcome to our family practice!

At OBC we specialize in caring for the whole family!  From newborns to Grandma, we've got you covered. As a husband and wife chiropractic team we practice Gonstead, Diversified, and Drop table hand adjusting with applied functional neurology for those of you "tough cases." We specialize in pregnancy care -- practicing Webster Technique, postpartum care, newborn care -- including craniosacral therapy, as well as kids, moms, dads, average Jane's and Joe's and even dogs!!